The 14 Best Torrent Sites to Download Files Safely

Downloading movies and TV series via torrent is a practice that for several years has been very popular in the internet world. Unlike classic server downloads, obtaining a file using this decentralized protocol has a number of advantages.

The first is the availability of the file. There is no longer a single access point (also known as a point of failure) but the file is distributed across multiple devices, ensuring availability even in case of deletion by the author of the file.

The second big advantage is the download speed. Instead of downloading the entire file sequentially, several portions are downloaded by multiple users. In this way, if one of the sources is no longer available or has a drop in the upload speed, the effects are minimal. This is even more true in these hours when the whole of Italy is grappling with the epidemic caused by Covid-19. European networks are increasingly under pressure and Netflix and YouTube have been asked to reduce the quality of videos to free up valuable bandwidth for smart working workers and students using e-learning platforms.

Returning to the success of torrents, the main reason is undoubtedly the ease with which you can download millions of contents, many of which are protected by copyright. It is possible to find many books, films, TV series, manga, video games, PC / MAC programs and porn movies downloadable via torrent with a few clicks.

Is Downloading Files Via Torrent Protocol Legal?

Despite the confusion that prevails in the environment, downloading files via torrent is not in itself illegal. The distinction between legal and illegal depends on the type of copyright related to a certain content.

For this reason, we at OutOfBit do not assume any consequence of the irresponsible use of the information contained in this article. We only address those who want to obtain files which, according to the claims of the rights holders, can be obtained via torrent protocol for free. Copyright infringement is a crime in multiple countries, including Italy, and we do not take responsibility for your actions.

Below you will find which, in our opinion, are the best torrent sites of 2020 from which you can download thousands of files in complete safety. If for some reason you are unable to access one of the sites listed below try to follow our guide on how to change the DNS.


The first site on the list can only be Torrentz2. It is the best torrent file search engine available in 2020 and maintains the ease of use of the famous predecessor.

To understand how to use the new torrent search engine Torrentz2 to download any file, I suggest you read our dedicated guide.

Thanks to the closure of some rival sites, 1337x has been the most popular torrent site in the world for two years!

Beyond taking advantage of the misfortunes of others, this site has managed to convince more and more users thanks to a pleasant user interface, millions of indexed torrent files and the convenient division into categories. It is in fact possible to find and download operating systems, software, books, films, TV series and hot contents.

The Pirate Bay

The most popular website with illegal content in the world. Like it or not The Pirate Bay is one of the pillars of the web, although the various legal disputes and closures have affected its primacy as the most used torrent site in the world.

In 2020, the portal is still full of content and in a few seconds you will find the desired content, unless you are looking for particularly rare and niche files.


If in past years it was he who inherited the scepter of Pirate Bay, KickAss Torrents has not fully recovered from the stop he had last year because of the US authorities.

It is more than legitimate to understand how a user hardly visits a site previously closed by the authorities, with illegal content and potentially causing millions of dollars in lost revenue every day.

The homepage of the torrent search engine is much cleaner than in the past, although the search results pages maintain the style of the first version of KAT.

TNT Village

The most important torrent site in Italy is definitely TNT Village.

TNT Village, with its forum, is not simply a torrent file container to download. TNT is one of the largest Italian communities in Italy and is entirely dedicated to sharing material through peer-to-peer.

The spirit of the site is based on the sharing and contribution of each user. Thanks to the strong community and the many active releasers, it is possible to find thousands of people, every day, who make torrents of PC programs, films, books, documentaries, comics and many other types of content available.

The large group of active users has made it possible to create another of the distinctive features of TNT Village. In fact, I am referring to the Projects, or rather the collections of files having the same theme in common.

A few examples? University books on physics or mathematics, historical documentaries, films about a particular actor or director. There are so many and I highly recommend you look at those in the categories of your interest: you may find real hidden gems!

Update October 2019: for some weeks TNT Village is no longer accessible following the closure of the site. It is possible, however, to download the site dump from the old homepage, so as not to lose the content uploaded over the years.

The Green Corsair

Il Corsaro Verde is a new Italian torrent community born in 2018. This forum was born from the detachment of some users from other famous Italians and has long been among the best Italian torrent sites of 2020.

Thanks to a very active community and a vast catalog it is possible to find all types of torrent files: you can go from books to programs and even to the latest high definition movies. Thanks to the large number of users, even large files can be downloaded quickly.


YTS is a torrent portal focused exclusively on downloading movies: its peculiarity is to provide all the titles in high definition, making the most of the compression algorithms so as not to take up much disk space. As you can see from the image, there are some of the most recent and popular titles: in fact, you can download Toy Story 4, The Lion King and the spinoff of the Fast and Furious saga quickly and safely.

Compared to the average of sites to download files via the famous P2P protocol, I must admit that the graphics of YTS are among the best, which combined with the convenient search bar allows you to find the film you want to see in a few seconds.

Alternative Torrent Sites to Keep an Eye on

Due to their nature of copyrighted content aggregators, torrent sites tend to attract particular attention over time. For this reason, the more a site is visited, the more it could disappear overnight.

Below we list the safe torrent sites that, although not as popular as the portals described above, have the credentials to grow up:

  • Torrentfunk2: this portal aims to become one of the best torrent sites of 2020 by immediately providing the 50 most requested torrents of the moment. There are links to immediately access the categories Movies, TV Series, Music, Anime, Books, Video Games, Applications and Porn Videos.
  • Toorgle: search engine that returns the results of over 450 torrent sites.
  • Rutracker: completely Russian site containing numerous links to torrent files. I highly recommend the use of Google Translate to avoid security problems.
  • Skytorrents: search engine with 20 million indexed torrents. The portal managers care about user privacy and minimize the collection of browsing data.
  • TorrentGalaxy: the main features of this site are a large collection of torrents, user-friendly content search functionality and a clean graphical interface
  • ETTV: website focused on TV series with an interesting and clean design.
  • portal focused entirely on manga born from the ashes of the famous NYAA. Over the years it has become the reference site for anime fans and continues to gain positions in the ranking of the most visited sites in the world.